The Background of RAAT
The Royal Automoblie Association of Thailand (RAAT) was established in 1933 by the Her Royal Highness Prince Chula Chakrabongse with many of His Majesty’s masters and the His Serene Highness Prince Sakolvarnnakorn Voravarn was the first president of the RAAT. The temporary office of RAAT was located on the upper floor of Sala Chalermkrung. In the following years, the RAAT became members of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)

Current President

Dr. Somporn Suebthawilkul

List of past presidents

The main responsibility of the RAAT

The main duty is to support the related automotive or can be divided into two parts.
  1. To regulatory control of automotive sports. (Motorsport)
  2. To services Membership and the general public in various fields.


The RAAT ​​is a member of the FIA ​​accredited sports authority of Thailand. So, every motorsport race will require our permission to make the race as standard and safe.

“Motorsport is one of the top 10 sports sponsored by the government for excellence. So, our club wants to develop to international and more professional. Our club has made a 10-year strategic plan (2010-2019) proposed to the Sports Authority of Thailand recently for the way to develop and set goals in the future.”

The strategic plan aims to provide motorsports in the country as a professional sport, promote a good image of the competition, spread the widespread to the people and lay the foundation for security and sustainability.

In the present, the motorsport in Thailand has developed, whether it’s events by RAAT or general organizer events both national and international. The RAAT has an important part of regulation role to play, equipment and controlling personnel includes drivers who require a specific license to use in the race. This must be more concentrated.

Member Services

Currently, our club has about 6,000 members, which will benefit members as follows:

1. Emergency car repair service 24 hours a day.

When your car is in an accident, call the helpline on 0-2939 5770-3 with our services of RAAT. There are roadside emergency services such as forklift, trucks, and motorcycles with our professional staff for available 24 hours a day.
  • The club will only service registered and named members.
  • Service only in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok.
  • Members can use picking up service no more than 3 times a year.
  • Members can use unlimited towing service only in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok.
  • In case the member wants to use the lift service. The car must be registered with the club.
  • The second car to register must be only a husband, wife or child of member. Members must show a copy of their car registration card and ID card of their husband, wife or child as evidence. The second car must be registered at 1,000 baht (Car registration cannot exceed 2 cars).
  • In case members sold cars to others. Members can maintain their membership by registering a new car with the club. So, the car was sold. There are no services available.
  • In case members want to change the brand name of the car used by members. Members must inform the club at least one week in advance of their service.
2. Car check
  • In normal days or before using a car for take a trip. You can get your car checked at the office every day without any charges.
3. Car maintenance service with specialist technicians.
  • Check and charge the battery with a modern charger.
  • Clean the spark plug and clean the air filter with expert technicians for free of charge.
  • Change vehicle motor oil, gear oil, and filter. (If you bring the spare parts themselves. No cost to hire an expert technician.)
4. Special services
  • Make international driver’s license to drive abroad.
  • Register, transfer, move and continue to register license.
  • Advise and recommend members to insure car with authorized person.
  • Provide repair service in the provinces throughout the country. In case of emergency, the car cannot continue to travel.
  • Free entry to join Motor Show by presenting the membership card.
  • Free entry to the competition of the club.
*** Registration fee (RAAT CARD)

(First Register Fee 500 Baht / Annual Membership Fee 1,500 Baht / Symbol 500 Baht) Total Annual Fee 2,500 Baht ***

Future projects

In the member services section, our club has to keep the old benefits. However, we are preparing new projects such as the distribution of reasonable prices, cheap car insurance, and the development of intermediation between finance companies or there is a loan to hire a car loan for people who have less cost.

In addition to public services, our club regularly cooperates with government and private organizations, especially the campaign of safe driving on the holiday season. RAAT is a helper to buying used cars, check the cars and become a center for traffic information, traveling around the world, and suggest garages. All of us are studying the details and preparing for it and hope to open soon.

Problems and things to improve

In the past, many people were looking at the RAAT was the organization of the specifiable group. But now our club tries to make it more public and easy accessible. On the other hand, our club is a nonprofit organization, live with donations with through direct or activity. It must be acknowledged that the problem of resource allocation and financial liquidity has always been a problem. So our club needs revolving funds with a new management structure, the budget for disbursement, or funding must be clear and desirable or use the best value.

The goals of RAAT

The club wants to be an organization that benefits the public and that the people give important. At the same time, we hope that motor sport will be widely accepted, developed to international standards and want to see the Thai race to step up to the world stage.